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The company is existing since 1984.

When you are looking for professional and high quality earth augers, you will see that the
 “ Heiß earth augers “ are successfully established in the market during the last years.
The experience and the consideration of the customer demands have created new possibilities in the use of augers.

The first model was developed in order to have a rational use of augers for the own forestry.
As there was al lot of interest the company started with the production which is successful until today and the company became a specialist in earth drilling.

CNC lathes and milling machines are used in the production .

By the experts the Pflanzfuchs earth auger has been recognized and many awards have been followed.
Together with the Bohrfuchs and Erdfuchs he is one of the most modern, safest and
most powerful augers.
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We will answer your questions, please contact our competent team of
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Our highly motivated sales team is able to show off you different machines under real conditions and to assist you in realizing your projects.
Our technical team will be happy to support any kind of technical questions
Pflanzfuchs PF420
with two-speed gearbox
Erdfuchs EF25
wheeled Borehole drilling
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Steinbach 9, 83661 Lenggries
J. Heiss GmbH
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